Classroom Activities

Reading Assignment RA2 Q1 Tension
Example of Tension Paragraph
Reading Assignment RA3 Q1 : Imagery and Figurative Language

Reading Assignment 1 Q2 Parallel Poem
Reading Assignment 2 Q2 POV
Reading Assignment 3 Q2 Theme (Slides)
Reading Assignment 4 Q2 Prefixes

Reading Assignment 1 Q3
Keep in mind these tips while composing your outline.
Literary Analysis Essay and Resources
Videos:  Medusa or Odysseus: Curse of the Sea
Complete Medusa Viewing Guide
Complete Odysseus:Curse of the Sea Viewing Guide
RA 2 Q3: Parts of Speech Scavenger Hunt

Parts of Speech Practice:

Monday March 18

  1. Using the article “Should Everyone Get a Trophy?” breaks down the reasons, evidence and warrants for each side of the argument.
  2. Use this document to gather information. Then create an essay outline by copying/pasting the information into each appropriate location below the comparison chart.  Counterarguments

Tuesday March 19

Drafting an argument using evidence from a debate.

Wednesday March 20


Prepositions Chomp Chomp

Thursday March 14

  1. Finish practice argument outline (trophy debate) and print.
  2. Complete the SEVEN activities on prepositions at Khan Academy.
  3. Complete the FIVE activities on coordinating conjunctions at Khan Academy.

Classroom Supplies:
Accordion Folder to store pocket folders (red, green),  spiral notebook (75-100 pgs.), and a composition book.
You’ll also need inexpensive headphones, a Mahoning Co. Library card, a few pencils and a positive attitude.
A box of tissues and Clorox Wipes would be greatly appreciated.