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Integrating a Quote
Capitalization Rules
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Quoting a Quote

So far we have covered the following topics for the essay assignment (due Friday Feb. 11) :

  1. Analytical Essay Rubric
  2. Take your theme book assignment and write a thesis statement in the outline for a literary analysis essay outline. 
  3. Create your outline in a Google Doc. Example
  5. “Cohesion/Transitions”     TRANSITION SENTENCES CLASS HANDOUT
  6. Example ESSAY
  7. Avoiding the comma splice run-on.
  8. “Formal Style
  9. Active vs. Passive Voice: inappropriate shifts in verb voice and mood:

Wed Feb. 26
Previously we’ve reviewed
Figurative Language Review 2
and completed Figurative Language Reading Assignment Due Feb. 21 Complete the Google Doc in Google Classroom. Join with Class Code 29qsk1.

Today we’ll practice more by completing  understanding common sayings1 and common sayings 2.

Thursday February 27

  1. Answers for CS1 and     Answers for CS2
  2. Practice understanding figurative language using Carl Sandburg’s “Sketch”.

Ohio’s Learning Standards (basically, what you should be able to to by the end of each grade level)

Classroom Supplies:
Accordion Folder with 5 pockets, one pocket folder, spiral notebook (75-100 pgs.)
You’ll also need inexpensive headphones, a Mahoning Co. Library card, a few pencils and a positive attitude.
A box of tissues and Clorox Wipes would be greatly appreciated.