Classroom Activities

Reading Assignment RA2 Q1 Tension
Example of Tension Paragraph
Reading Assignment RA3 Q1 : Imagery and Figurative Language

Reading Assignment 1 Q2 Parallel Poem
Reading Assignment 2 Q2 POV
Reading Assignment 3 Q2 Theme (Slides)
Reading Assignment 4 Q2 Prefixes

Reading Assignment 1 Q3
Keep in mind these tips while composing your outline.
Literary Analysis Essay and Resources
Videos:  Medusa or Odysseus: Curse of the Sea
Complete Medusa Viewing Guide
Complete Odysseus:Curse of the Sea Viewing Guide
RA 2 Q3: Parts of Speech Scavenger Hunt

*Complete the viewing guide while watching the History Channel video Minotaur
*Complete the viewing guide while watching the History Channel video Odysseus Part 2
RA1 Q4 Showing Vs Telling(due Monday April 15)

Parts of Speech Practice:

Rubric for infographic (Due May 17)

Use Piktochart to make your infographic.

Monday May 20-Tuesday 21
To submit your infographic you’ll need to download it from Piktochart onto the Chromebook and upload it to your Google Drive and “share” it with Mrs. Meese. Turn your rubric into the “turn in” bin.

  1. While viewing Crash Course Myth Video 1, make a list of 5 key ideas.
  2. While viewing Crash Course Myth Video 2, write three questions that the video make you ponder.
  3. While watching Social Orders and Creation Stories: Crash Course World Mythology #5, paraphrase two essential understandings.
  4. While watching Humans and Nature and Creation: Crash Course World Mythology #6, write a “so what” regarding this info. Basically you will answer: What does this have to do with us today?
  5. While viewing The Hero’s Journey and the Monomyth: Crash Course World Mythology #25, respond to this question: Why is Joseph Campbell’s framework important to modern stories and our lives as humans? 

Tuesday May 28

Fallacy & Reason

Fallacies Video

Stereotyping/Generalization in Advertising

False Cause Fallacy- Coke Commercial

Wednesday May 29

Review Fallacies.

Using the password Meese8, assess whether the reasoning is
valid and whether it’s supported with evidence.
Point out biases or missing information using “Should Plastic Straws Be Banned”

Evaluate the straw debate.

Friday May 31

Classroom Example of Informational Text, Recognizing Fallacies in Debate, Evaluating Sources “Should Plastic Straws Be Banned?”

Test: Informational Text, Recognizing Fallacies in Debate, Evaluating Sources, Understanding Graphs

Monday June 3-Tuesday June 4

While investigating give three key ideas about Anne Frank.

Read the article “A New Look at Anne Frank”.

Then respond to this: What do you think the benefit is of telling Anne Frank’s story in the form of a graphic novel?

Classroom Supplies:
Accordion Folder to store pocket folders (red, green),  spiral notebook (75-100 pgs.), and a composition book.
You’ll also need inexpensive headphones, a Mahoning Co. Library card, a few pencils and a positive attitude.
A box of tissues and Clorox Wipes would be greatly appreciated.