Classroom Activities

Reading Assignment RA2 Q1 Tension
Example of Tension Paragraph
Reading Assignment RA3 Q1 : Imagery and Figurative Language

Reading Assignment 1 Q2 Parallel Poem
Reading Assignment 2 Q2 POV
Reading Assignment 3 Q2 Theme (Slides)
Reading Assignment 4 Q2 Prefixes

Reading Assignment 1 Q3

Learning Targets:

  • I can identify connotation in order to understand imagery and figurative meanings.
  • I can cite the textual evidence that most strongly supports an analysis of what the text says directly and indirectly.
  • I can analyze literary text development by recognizing the relationship of them  to other story elements and incorporate this into an objective summary of the text.

Monday 2/4 – Friday 2/8

The Hero’s Journey Directions and Activities

Literary Analysis Essay and Resources

Chart the theme, plot, characters and setting of each station as we discuss them. (Use these NOTES)

Classroom Supplies:
Accordion Folder to store pocket folders (red, green),  spiral notebook (75-100 pgs.), and a composition book.
You’ll also need inexpensive headphones, a Mahoning Co. Library card, a few pencils and a positive attitude.
A box of tissues and Clorox Wipes would be greatly appreciated.