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Reading Assignment 1 Quarter 1: Novel Questions (due Tues. Sept. 10)

Narrative Structure Video Tutorial

Reading Assignment 2 Quarter 1 “Paragraph on Tension” (due Sept. 17)

Showing Versus Telling by Maria. V. Snyder
Reading Assignment 3 Quarter 1: “Show Vs. Tell” with examples from Divergent
(due Monday Sept. 30, 2019) 12 pts.

Paragraph Help:
Integrating a Quote
Capitalization Rules
Capitalization Video 
Typography Rules
Quoting a Quote


Monday Oct 7 Notes
RA4 Q1 Draft Due Friday

TedEd on Sleep

Tuesday Oct. 8

dialogue examples

Wednesday Oct. 9

Dialogue Example Paragraphs

Apostrophe Rules

Use  “A Doll’s House” as an example of how to analyze particular lines of dialogue in a story or drama that propel the action or reveal aspects of character.

Thursday Oct. 10-Friday Oct. 11

School House Rock “Conjunction Junction”

Kahn Academy Conjunction Videos with Practice

Coordinating Conjunctions

Monday Oct. 14

Be clear and concise.

Look at the definition of Tautology and give two examples.

Verb Packet due Friday Oct. 18

Tuesday Oct. 15

Video Lesson: POV

Wednesday Oct. 16

Read  “The Gift of the Magi” while answering the questions to guide your understanding of how POV can create dramatic irony.

Narrative POV VIDEO

Thursday Oct. 17- Friday Oct. 18

Video: Narrative Voice
Read  “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe identifying the narrative point of view and how it contributes to dramatic irony.
Question Set 1

Watch this video: Learn how to make Inferences.
Respond to these questions while you are watching/listening to the inference video.

  1. What is an inference?
  2. How do you make an inference? Basically what are your brain’s steps in inference-making?
  3. Give three examples from the video of when a person might make an inference.

Additional help for making inferences: Video “Making Inferences – Partly Cloudy”

Classroom Supplies:
Accordion Folder with 5 pockets, one pocket folder, spiral notebook (75-100 pgs.)
You’ll also need inexpensive headphones, a Mahoning Co. Library card, a few pencils and a positive attitude.
A box of tissues and Clorox Wipes would be greatly appreciated.